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A day in a dogs life @stardogolly.pd.
2 years ago - 4,765 views
Olly the Bulldog first three and a half years @stardogolly.pd.
2 years ago - 3,917 views
Bentley my american bulldog x staffordshire bull terrier.
13 years ago - 10,001 views
Little D-Bo pure white male ,1 year old, A very good boy around the house and loves kids but you tress pass on his land when the ...
10 years ago - 34,062 views
We got this great staffy x American bulldog of RSPCA.
3 years ago - 1,208 views
Elwood Staffy x American bulldog talking to his ball.
12 years ago - 12,168 views
american bulldog x staffy 3 years old 45kg.
10 years ago - 13,945 views
Her name is Muchi and she is the family protector and sweetheart. I Adopted her when she was about 2yrs old - Was a little crazy ...
14 years ago - 70,665 views
Dad had to walk Houston last night so he walked him to our house so Molly & Hewy could have a off leash play #doglovers ...
5 months ago - 6,614 views
Created by VideoShow:
3 years ago - 3,310 views
Apologies this video was meant for yesterday but I ran out of time so here is a belated FRIYAY post. The glorious Buddy (was ...
2 years ago - 24 views
pics of the wee man in no particular order from 8wks when we viewed him till now at 4mth's.
11 years ago - 2,722 views
07 Amazing Staffordshire Bull Terrier Cross Breeds Dogs | Staffordshire Bull Terrier Mixes #CrossBreeds Copyright Disclaimer: ...
8 months ago - 8,664 views
American pocket bully crossed with a Staffordshire bull terrier funny prank jokes omg number 1 on you tube Jake Paul's dog.
1 year ago - 6,501 views
American bulldog x staffy. Dozer, grand dog.
6 years ago - 1,287 views
When I brought Alfie the puppy home I realised quickly that I'd made a mistake. The aggression Artie showed was on another ...
3 years ago - 1,734 views
Known each other for 2 days. Mates already.
3 years ago - 67 views
2 pupps messing about.
15 years ago - 42,643 views
Cleo is 1years old and our new kitty alley is 2 months :) they love each other and Cleo puts up with a lot lol.
8 years ago - 656 views
Bruno at 12 weeks playing in the mirror And how he looks now at nearly 3 years old!
13 years ago - 16,490 views
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