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Ranking EVERY John Mayer Studio Song (Tier List)

Duration: 18:32

Stirling Howe

Stirling Howe

Published on 05 July 2021

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EDIT: Seems like I really need to clear this up... studio cuts only! This does not include JM3 or anything from WTLI, or anything that has only been recorded live. Recording in a studio with full production, period. Someone mentioned Inside Wants Out—I thought about it, but I figured since there was overlap with Room for Squares I'd leave it out. Hope that's clear!
Unfiltered, honest opinions. This took forever to film and plenty of hours to edit, but it was surprisingly fun to do! Which John Mayer songs are your favs or least favs?

Tier List Template: https://tiermaker.com/create/john-mayer-studio-album-songs-ranked-46981

"Carry Me Away" single and Sob Rock comparison: https://youtu.be/0BuBmrtEC6g

Bonus points if you can count how many times I say "I'll be honest."

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