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Gabby Barrett - "The Good Ones" (Official Music Video)

Duration: 03:48

Gabby Barrett

Gabby Barrett

Published on 29 August 2019

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Gabby Barrett - "The Good Ones" (Official Music Video)

Listen to "The Good Ones" here: https://wmna.sh/thegoodones

He’s a phone call to his parents
He’s a bible by the bed
He’s the t-shirt that I’m wearing
He’s a song stuck in my head
He’s solid and he’s steady like the Allegheny runs
He knows just where he’s going
And he’s proud of where he’s from

One of the good ones
He’s one of the good ones

A love me like he should one
Like he wrote the book one
The kind you find when you don’t even look one
Anybody can be good once
But he’s good all the time
He’s one of the good ones
And he’s all mine
He’s one of the good ones

You’ll know him when you see him
By the way he looks at me
You’d say he hung the moon
I’d say he hung the galaxy
Nobody does it better
Oh the way he pulls me in
I’ve known a couple bad ones
But they all led me to him
He’s one of the good ones


We should all find us one
They’re out there, minus one
Some of the good ones
Yeah, I got a good one


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