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Did John Mayer Nail The New Album? | SOB ROCK

Duration: 08:23

Kris Barocsi

Kris Barocsi

Published on 16 July 2021

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#johnmayer #sobrock
The 80's vibe is strong with this album. But does it fit to John Mayer's music? Why did he even go for this retro style? Here's my opinion on the new album: Sob Rock.

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0:19 Intro playing | inspired by the song All I Want Is To Be With You
1:10 Why do I think Mayer nailed the album
2:13 Are the songs any good though?
3:43 Playing | Same vibe, different notes
4:08 The genius move from Mayer is...
5:00 Let's talk about the mix and the album sound
6:05 Playing | unveil the mighty chorus effect
6:38 Backstreet Boys?! What??
7:25 Playing | My tribute to the Backstreet Boys :)

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-DOD Stereo Chorus (80's chorus pedal)
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-Universal Audio OX BOX https://bit.ly/2IyOeuj
-One Control Agamidae switcher: https://bit.ly/2YZgiib
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